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In the previous post we covered how to have a single parameter on the View – and have multiple Artifact Elements all use that same value. Now lets look at the more complex case – imagine a dashboard that refers to three different projects – project1, project2 and project3. How do [...]
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When using RELM to create Dashboards like the one below – we often have a need to use the same Artifact Element multiple times in the same View. Setting the same parameter value on all of these Artifact Elements can be laborious – so there is a better way. We can create [...]
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For some customer, Installing Doors Web Access (DWA) is not very easy. Integrating DWA and Rational Engineering Lifecycle Management (RELM) through Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) is more difficult. Reasons for that is customer have to know some configurations point like servers, licences server, ports, xml knowledge, broker and some other [...]
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Recently, I've visited a Southern state of the US for a business trip. Among other topics, I've focused on the Test Lab management capabilities of RQM. I remember that, during my initial grasp of this part of RQM, the information provided in various places (see the References section below) helped [...]
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This is a really short post to share some information I found after being continuosly hit by “JVM terminated. Exit code=1” in various Eclipse based products: RSA, RDz and RTC. Note: bear in mind I work in Linux, and the information I am to share here just applies to that OS. [...]
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