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I have recently brushed up on some basic Agile training, it mostly applies to teams and, at least the literature, is focused around software development. I am not a software developer, and I work on my own for a large part of the time. That makes it sound like the [...]
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By Daniel Toczala Recently my team inside of IBM decided that we needed to capture some of the “institutional knowledge” that some of our more experienced members knew, but that didn't seem to be captured anywhere so our newer team members could be as effective as our more seasoned members. We also wanted [...]
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I usually don't write big long opinion rants, and usually, I stick to more technical focused content. However, recent events are beginning to make my head explode. There is so much misunderstanding about data, privacy, and artificial intelligence. So I decided to write something to help one [...]
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By: Daniel Toczala Note: This is the first blog in a series of blogs that I am co-authoring with Paula Williams, as part of an “I have an Issue…” series on the IBM Cloud. These blog posts will cover how to deal with common issues and roadblocks for users of [...]
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I just published the Work Item Command Line (WCL) version 5.0. In this post, I will provide a short summary of the changes that went in. Download and License The work item command line is provided as is, with no warranty or support, under MIT license. The source code is provided here. [...]
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