Jan 262014

Musings of a systems engineer.


My name is Hazel Woodcock and I work for IBM in UK.  The opinions expressed on this site are my own.  Before you ask, I did intend the apostrophe in the title, it replaces the ‘we’ of weblog.  I do try to maintain some standards.

This ‘blog will look at DOORS Next Generation, DOORS and requirements management in general as well as other IBM Rational tools that interface to the requirements tools.  I may also wander in to wider systems engineering topics and occasional community building or online learning topics.

I first encountered DOORS in 1999 as a user and after being a customer for several years, I joined Telelogic as a consultant.  IBM bought Telelogic and here I am.  My direct functional manager is US based, and I have met surprisingly few of my functional managers over the last few years.  This causes very few problems and I am now totally convinced that working from home with a good set of collaboration tools and an environment of trust is the best way to work.