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I have recently been working on writing a custom service to automate some computed information retrieval from an RTC Server. That service I wanted it to have a configuration property that could be set/modified using the Advanced Properties page (https:///ccm/admin). In that process I faced a “dummy” issue that made [...]
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For the past couple of months, I've acted as the Rational Team Concert (RTC) SME/expert for a small number of IBM interns developing for a promising project (around IBM BlueMix platform). Especially around the RTC project set up and more regularly on RTC SCM-related trainings and questions. In the past [...]
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Enterprise assets, including business architecture and BPM operational components cannot simply be split into a strategic/tactical dimension – enterprise assets are usually involved in both. Elements of the enterprise architecture are building blocks that are instantiated and used in solution architectures. They play a strategic role in developing plans to [...]
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A conference paper presented at the International Enterprise Architecture Conference 2014 on the similarities between MODAF and DoDAF. The paper discusses the common threads that run through these frameworks and how they have been implemented in UPDM. It also discusses a development workflow for Enterprise Architecture development based upon Harmony [...]
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In the previous week, I noticed that during the installation of SSE and RELM, in most case, after the setup, some unexpected errors occurs.All steps are done well, but at the end something went wrong. Either the screen “loading” appears and nothing happens, or during the setup, at a point [...]
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