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Let's assume that you are convinced that application monitoring of your IBM CE/CLM environment is a good best practice. There are many JMX MBeans defined in the MBeans Reference List that your enterprise monitoring application can collect and manage. If just getting started, focus on the set of [...]
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I worked with a colleague on the Work Item Command Line who was adding a feature for usage with a customer. That colleague had also done some changes related to availability and performance running queries. These changes where merged back into the code. WCL was missing some capabilities that I [...]
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I tend to write these blog posts to share interesting things that I have learned when working with our customers. Just this past week I have had 2 or 3 blog worthy events happen, so I hope to be publishing these posts at a brisker pace in the coming [...]
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SSL Error_1
Since some time now I started to run into a blocking issue with the Extensions workshop. I was not able to find a solution so far. Today a colleague saw the same and asked for help. Here what I found. Problem: the browser prevents connecting to the Jetty server When launching the [...]
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I think it is fair to say that the data center is dead. It was never even alive for newer organizations or startups as they began in the cloud. But I will wager that every organization, large or small, has a “plan” to get to a cloud-based application runtime model. [...]
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