UnLeash the Labs – Internet of Things

I am writing blog entries to coincide with my new YouTube videos. I have started a series of videos exploring many of the capabilities of the IBM Cloud. Part 1 focuses on deploying a simple Node.js application to the IBM Cloud using Cloud Foundry. Please watch the video and give [...]
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I think it is fair to say that the data center is dead. It was never even alive for newer organizations or startups as they began in the cloud. But I will wager that every organization, large or small, has a “plan” to get to a cloud-based application runtime model. [...]
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Right off the bat, let me stress that while I do work for IBM, my thoughts and opinions in the blog post and my blog in general are mine and mine alone. When I think about the IBM Cloud, and that is “big C” Cloud, the entire IBM Cloud portfolio; [...]
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As a lifelong developer, no matter what my role is within IBM, I tend to gravitate towards the software nerds in the room and what their daily lives are like. I get to see and work with new customers all the time, and I am finding more and more data [...]
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A common request is to maintain traceability into the supply chain. This has always proved to be problematic for a number of reasons, some technical and some political. I am offering here a potential solution. We have, in many industries, now progressed beyond the clone-and-own approach to reuse, and some [...]
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