UnLeash the Labs – Internet of Things

Understanding the role of Systems engineering in the development of IOT architectures. [...]
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If your application runs on Bluemix, but it needs to access another application on your on-premises behind your firewall, IBM Secure Gateway for Bluemix will help you to implement a secure way within your applications. The attached PDF file gives you a hint to setup and configure IBM Secure Gateway for [...]
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This blog post is about IBM UrbanCode Deployment with Patterns Blueprint and a how to guide, to help you manage the deployment solutions in the cloud that enables you to design, deploy and update full-stack environment for multiple clouds. In the traditional on-premise IT teams are struggling to keep up [...]
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fan-out menu
The other day, I set out to create a fan-out menu in an Ionic app. You know the type – you tap on a button such as Share and options for things like Facebook, Twitter, etc. appear in a fan of icons. Tapping on one of the icons [...]
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IBM recently announced event driven application execution environment called OpenWhisk. This is what we can find from the page. OpenWhisk provides a distributed compute service to execute application logic in response to events. Event driven programing are used for a long time, especially in designing application (both client native and web application). [...]
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