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A common request is to maintain traceability into the supply chain. This has always proved to be problematic for a number of reasons, some technical and some political. I am offering here a potential solution. We have, in many industries, now progressed beyond the clone-and-own approach to reuse, and some [...]
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In November 2017, IBM Watson released the Watson-Salesforce SDK as part of the many activities resulting from the IBM & Salesforce partnership. The SDK is to help developers who are using Apex code call the Watson services more quickly and easily. Time to value is increased. The business sees gains [...]
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In Part 1 and Part 2 of the Blog, we talked about setting up Blueprint designer. Now in final blog , we shall talk about how to create Blueprint. Lets go ahead and click on Create a new Blueprint . Go to top of homepage and click on New [...]
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Now in this blog , we shall be looking at integrating with AWS . In Blueprint Designer under Administration , select clouds and create a cloud connection by clicking on ‘Add New Cloud'. In the Edit tab give the connection a name and select ‘Amazon Web Services' cloud type. Uncheck “Use default [...]
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I recently had a need to connect DOORS Next Generation to DOORS 9 with OSLC. The environment that I had was complete with a configured set up of DOORS Web Access, which is necessary along with DOORS 9 and DNG. The set up for OSLC is actually fairly simple, but [...]
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