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The original promise of Object Management Group's Model-Driven Architecture (OMG MDA) initiative, and its realization in Model-Driven Development (MDD) methods and tools, was to be able to separate conceptual business design, from platform independent logical solution design, from platform specific solution implementation, and to use model-to-model and model-to-code transforms to [...]
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I was recently asked to help with a customer request for the use case details on this integration. Although I have taught enablement sessions on the Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters, I had never actually seen this integration in action. So, I got access to a ClearQuest test system and got [...]
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Someone recently asked me this question: I am configuring Insight (or RRDI) with CLM 4.0.x. When I open reports in RRC or RQM, I am taken to the report server URL. Is there a way to avoid this by importing custom reports into CLM? Can the reports be run [...]
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