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Last week, Andreas Keis (from Airbus group) and me have presented the following Case study: Using IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager to Accelerate System Changes During the presentation the linked video were presented. [...]
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Have you ever been asked to move your RTC development environment to another installation / deployment and wondered what will happen to all my existing SCM Change Set history? We know that Project Move and/or Copy has been a long requested feature on Jazz.net. So, I know I am only [...]
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During the last 6 monts, we leverage RELM and the SSE applications tools for helping the design and choice a solution for the De-icing system on aircraft. Please see the content in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeFiGSwMsUc [...]
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Large, multi-year projects like Intelligent Transportation Systems, Health Care Exchanges, new factory construction, road and bridge constructions, etc. involve significant collaboration between teams. There are typically three primary roles that participate in these collaborations. The Client is the individual, public sector or private sector organization who has the goals, needs [...]
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This is the second article of series of two dedicated to Enterprise tooling adoption. In the first article, we've discussed some core concepts and results borrowed from social psychology field. We've noted how familiarity with a new tool is important to minimize resistance to adoption. In this second article, we [...]
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