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Last week, I had my last day after 12 years at IBM (and four more at Rational / ATTOL). Looking back, great satisfactions and challenges paved the way along with best-of-breed products, development, support and consulting teams. I'll miss the passionate and talented people (and friends) I have been privileged [...]
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In (specially) mainframe development environment, there are situations in which duplicate element names can be problematic. And from time to time I get helping customers migrate to Rational Team Concert, I find them asking of a way of ensuring this source elements names uniqueness in SCM can be enforced. In [...]
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IBM Interconnect 2015 is just around the corner. In fact, I leave today for a week of jam-packed activities and networking. This networking involves my IBM colleagues, both existing ones and new ones I will meet for the first time, as well as customers. I'm using the Event Connect [...]
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Many enterprises are finding RUP to be too costly, prescriptive and heavyweight, doesn't provide the expected improvements in quality or time to value, and as a result often isn't really followed by project teams. At the other end of the spectrum, Scrum is probably too simple, or a poor fit [...]
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As RELM continues to grow and improve – the way in which we build Views is also changing. Recently Artifact Elements were introduced making the building of Views incredibly easy (check out this video for a sample: RELM View Builder Demonstration) Views are built using Artifact Elements – but someone has [...]
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