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This is part of a series of posts related to My Internet of Things and MobileFirst adventure. An index to all posts can be found at the end of the first post. The next step is to see if we can make the iOS app request a picture from the [...]
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2016-02-02 15_44_26-object storage UI
IBM Bluemix evolution continues. Since last year (2015/Nov), Bluemix has been providing “Object Storage” service as beta. This service is built using OpenStack swift technology. Most of people may not be aware of, but Bluemix is not only Cloud Foundry platform, but also runs several OpenStack services or similar [...]
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How to develop DoDAF architectures that are executable, providing verification of understanding of architecture requirements and validating architecture interfaces. Modelling is based upon the UPDM 2.1 profile as implemented in IBMs Rhapsody Tool. [...]
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If you are looking for the information to see how you can do a performance testing for Jazz application, please take a look at Performance: Where to start? Especially, the following links are very useful. Part 1: Creating a performance simulation for Rational Team Concert using Rational Performance Tester Part 2: [...]
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add data input
One of the repeating voice of IBM Bluemix users are how to manage application logs. A while ago, I wrote a blog entry to retrieve logs from IBM Bluemix using 3rd party logging service. However, some users may have concerns about using public SaaS, since log may contain some [...]
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