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Now in this blog , we shall be looking at integrating with AWS . In Blueprint Designer under Administration , select clouds and create a cloud connection by clicking on ‘Add New Cloud'. In the Edit tab give the connection a name and select ‘Amazon Web Services' cloud type. Uncheck “Use default [...]
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I recently had a need to connect DOORS Next Generation to DOORS 9 with OSLC. The environment that I had was complete with a configured set up of DOORS Web Access, which is necessary along with DOORS 9 and DNG. The set up for OSLC is actually fairly simple, but [...]
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It's been a while since I blogged , but a recent customer usecase for Full stack deployment , got me to have a look into IBM Urbancode Blueprint . This blog is guide to help you to design and deploy full-stack environment for multiple clouds. Teams often [...]
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The Reality Things change very quickly in the cognitive world. The provided information is as current as of the last update date. It is very possible that, like everything, things can change. The options provided here are some of the possible options, but not limited to. The Purpose The topic discussed here is [...]
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You've created some intents, entities, answers, dialog flows. You have hopefully gone through some iterative testing cycles to validate. Now, you want to promote those changes from your Test to Production environment, so what do you do? Promoting Your Entire Workspace Your Watson Conversation Service (WCS) configuration, which is your intents, entities, [...]
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