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Many of our customers are using Jenkins for their software builds integrated with Rational Team Concert (RTC) software configuration management (SCM). This is a powerful combination but one that should be managed carefully so as not to put undue load on the RTC server. Based on several customer experiences my [...]
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The Box Skills framework was made available to the general public last month. However, at IBM Watson we have been working closely with our strategic partner Box, a powerful ECM platform, and early adopter clients for some time – at what we call #WatsonSpeed. Let me explain what that means [...]
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As a deployment architect when advising customers on their topology, I'm often asked about the supported options for reverse proxies and load balancing. Further, some customers ask about using DNS aliasing over a Reverse Proxy, which is supported but not a best practice. While some of these details can be [...]
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One of the most common questions I get is “How does Watson work inside of Salesforce?” As I've been a part of the IBM Watson family since 2014 and have worked with the Watson-Salesforce partnership team over the last few years, I'd like to share some knowledge based on my [...]
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Ralph Schoon has done some very useful work providing some automation around our best practice guidance for DNG type system management. Check out his blog post to learn more. rsjazz We finally published Maintaining the Rational DOORS Next Generation type system in a configuration-management-enabled environment. Part 3: Automation tool deep dive [...]
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