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The question to manage licenses using the plain java client libraries came up recently. There used to be a blog post in the internet that explained it, but that has been taken down. Questions on Jazz.net are not very clear for this, so I dug into the API myself. Here [...]
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To allow customers to use and share the WorkItem Command Line freely, it has now been released under the MIT License. The resulting source code for version 4.0 is available on IBM Bluemix DevOps Services in the project Jazz In Flight Access the Source Code License Released under the MIT License. See the License.txt [...]
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Ever wondered how to check the number of APIs calls that you have consumed with your IBM Bluemix services? If so, you already have that information right under your fingertips. Bluemix has a usage tracker that is easy to use and conveniently provides your API usage for the last 12 [...]
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I have finished updating the RTC Extensions Workshop a while ago. Unfortunately, due to heavy maintenance work I was not able to publish the files for download. Until the update is published on Jazz.net, please find the files in the download section of The RTC SDK is about to change in [...]
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