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I ran into an issue related to the JKE Banking Sample application that ships with ELM beginning of this year. I ran into the same issue again. Here is what happens and how to fix it for and for 7.0. I use the JKE Banking Sample for presenting ELM and [...]
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Originally published on September 2 on Medium – https://medium.com/@dtoczala/i-just-deleted-my-watson-service-im-doomed-11f4aef8ef16 Photo by Ian on UnsplashWhen you work with smart people, you tend to learn some really cool little tips and tricks. One of the smart people that I work is Josh Cohen, and he learned about a neat little trick for recovering [...]
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As Kathryn Fryer says in her blog, if you are not defining RDF URIs for your type system elements, you should be! In her post and related article she defines the ins/outs of URIs and their associated best practices. fryerk I can't believe I haven't already penned a post on the importance [...]
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It is very common to implement a conversational assistant in multiple languages. Let's say you have built a customer service assistant. One of the requirements may be to support additional languages, such as Arabic and Spanish, to accommodate your customer base. Often, I am asked how best to manage multiple [...]
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Picture courtesy of Bill Jelen on Unsplash(Note: This is also published on my Medium blog) I have been working with multiple customers who are now deploying COVID-19 chatbots. Many of them are new to using cognitive technologies, and more specifically to using and applying chatbots. For many of these customers, the [...]
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