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Finally, to close the series of posts, there is another public REST API available for EWM. The Reportable REST API provides information about resources that may be useful in reporting, and provide some features not available in a “normal” REST API. This API is intended to be consumed in a [...]
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After looking into the EWM OSLC CM API, including the OSLC Query API, a natural question that comes up is: Is it possible to take advantage of the existing EWM work item queries? Is it possible to use that query mechanism and run existing work item queries to get the [...]
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After looking into how to create and update work items the question becomes, how to find work items to begin with. OSLC provides a query mechanism to allow querying for items. This post intents to show how OSLC queries work including some examples that work for me. The techniques explained [...]
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After looking into EWM Discovery, how can one create or update a work item using the techniques explained so far? This post will look into the steps that are required to create and update a work item. The techniques explained in the previous posts in this series are important. If [...]
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Discovery is the name for the method to locate the entry points for the OSLC API in EWM and other ELM tools. The mechanism is the same for all applications but there are differences in the details. This post aims to help understanding the discovery process with a focus on [...]
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