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It is very common to implement a conversational assistant in multiple languages. Let's say you have built a customer service assistant. One of the requirements may be to support additional languages, such as Arabic and Spanish, to accommodate your customer base. Often, I am asked how best to manage multiple [...]
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Picture courtesy of Bill Jelen on Unsplash(Note: This is also published on my Medium blog) I have been working with multiple customers who are now deploying COVID-19 chatbots. Many of them are new to using cognitive technologies, and more specifically to using and applying chatbots. For many of these customers, the [...]
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I've blogged previously that work item attachments are typically one of the largest contributors to Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) repository size. Orphaned attachments, those attachments that have been removed, not deleted, from a work item can represent a large portion of work items in the repository. One of the new features [...]
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The spread of the novel coronavirus since the beginning of the year 2020 has changed life throughout the world. While public life has been mostly shut down, both personal and work life are starting to take place more and more digitally . It has been few years since I blogged on [...]
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Like some dystopian drama set in the near future, the COVID-19 Zombie Apocalypse has had a huge effect on the world; finance, business, health, travel, social and more. Globally we hit the E-Stop button and nearly half the world's population has been on some form of lockdown or movement restriction, [...]
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