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You have many teams or roles within your organization. They all are using the same virtual assistant to get answers to their questions. Your virtual assistant handles common dialog and FAQs for all your teams. Yet, you need to ensure that each team is getting the correct answers, from the [...]
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By Daniel Toczala Originally posted on Medium on February 11, 2020 at https://medium.com/@dtoczala/conversational-assistants-and-quality-with-watson-assistant-revisited-123fb3bb9f1f. Note: I updated the original Conversational Assistants and Quality blog post in February 2020 to add a link to a much better testing notebook that I discovered, and to do a slight rewrite of that section. This blog [...]
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Why are Strategic Partnerships Critical? We have entered a new era in the business world— the era of strategic partnerships. While partnerships have been happening for decades, there has been a boom over the last 5 years. Direct competitors have been partnering and collaborating for a mutual benefit. Alliances we thought [...]
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Many organizations struggle with both identifying and prioritizing what sales leads to pursue. Where do you start when you have a large stack of leads to go through? What do you when your leads have gone cold? For Product Leaders, it's often a challenge to get a broad spectrum of feedback [...]
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I just worked with a customer this week on an issue that they had – and the solution didn't seem obvious, so I figured that I would share it with a larger audience. The Issue My customer has a couple of Watson Discovery instances in the IBM Cloud environment. These [...]
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